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Learning to be daughters of the King

Learning to be daughters of the King
Club D.O.K. (Daughters of the King) participants gather for a final bow Jan. 21, after their fashion show at Grace Bible Church.

Seven years ago, Karen Weaver’s daughter was approaching her puberty and teenage years, and Karen remembered how hard it was when she herself went through those changes; she felt like she didn’t have a lot of directed guidance and had to learn things the hard way.

Karen wanted to be more proactive and teach her daughter God’s principles and what the Bible would say about these different areas. She was also aware of what messages her daughter was exposed to from the world around her.

“I wanted for her to have a head start from where I started,” Karen recalled.

That led to Club D.O.K. (Daughters of the King) being formed at Grace Bible Church in La Vernia.

The classes are limited to 50 girls with their mothers, due to classroom size. Typically within two hours of announcing registration, the classes are filled.

The classes include fourth- and fifth-grade girls, because physical changes are happening now in younger girls.

“We think of girls and their minds like a sponge,” Karen said. “If you picture a sponge, when it gets full and saturated, everything else just runs off. We want to saturate the minds of these girls with truth from the Bible, so they can have good and right information so they can realize what is true and what is not.”

Though the course is aimed at the girls, their mothers have to be there, as well. This helps reinforce the lessons learned and makes sure they are practiced at home.

Karen, a registered nurse, and her associates --who include Tara Garza -- made a list of topics they wanted to discuss and teach. This includes:

• Peer pressure

• Heritage/legacy

• Physical changes in puberty

• Purity

• Body and image

• Manners/etiquette

• Relationships

• Social media

• Music.

The teachers really got excited when they spoke about modesty and fashion, and decided to teach a lesson in how to dress fashionably, yet modestly, and celebrate what the girls learned by having a fashion show at the end of the lesson.

“I’ve always thought that living life as a Christian is an adventure; it’s not dull,” Karen said. “I kind of think it’s a crime to bore people with the Bible. We make it fun.”

The classes are fun and the girls enjoy the lessons immensely. They love their teen advisors -- girls who have previously finished the course and are now teenagers -- and enjoy events with their moms and dads, like a mother/daughter dinner and father/daughter dance.

This past Sunday, the participants in this year’s Club D.O.K. shared what they’ve learned by presenting a fashion show at Grace Bible Church.

Standing out from the crowd

Participants in the Grace Bible Church Club D.O.K. (Daughters of the King) “are girls who are learning about who God made them to be,” said Shelley Hendrickson with Grace Bible Church. “They are courageous and not afraid to stand out from the crowd. These princesses have learned the importance of manners and biblical leadership. They are good friends and know the value of dressing modestly.”

The annual fashion show presented at the church by Club D.O.K. is just one of the opportunities presented to the young ladies to display and promote what they have learned, Hendrickson said.

The program is designed to “equip young women to emerge into womanhood with beauty, valor, and a grasp of the true love of God,” according to a letter issued to families. The program culminates with a “princess coronation,” in which each participant receives a blessing from her father/father figure, and is crowned with a tiara.

Learn more about the program and Grace Bible Church at

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