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Surrender your broken pieces to the Lord


I find my eyes going to that shelf above my kitchen sink often. There are some very old dishes there that belonged to my great-grandmother and one of my grandmothers. The thing that draws my eyes though is the white flowerpot with Disney characters on it. It has some sweet memories for me.

When my granddaughters were very young, their parents had taken them to Disney World in Florida. They always brought Nanny something from a trip. They had chosen the flowerpot and the youngest daughter had insisted on carrying it in the airport. Unfortunately, she had dropped it and it broke into several pieces. When they came to visit she handed me the bag of broken pieces, and crying, and explained that she had dropped it and she was so sorry. I took the bag and assured her it was the thought that counted and I wasn’t upset but pleased she had thought of me.

After they left, I dumped out the bag and after looking it over decided to try to salvage the pot. I glued and fitted pieces for a couple of days and finally got it back together with just a few small gaps (those I was able to fill with more glue). It really looked pretty good but you could see all the glued lines so I decided to spray paint it white.

The next time they visited I showed her the pot and explained that I wanted to put it back together because I loved her and didn’t want her to feel bad. The pot has sat on that shelf ever since. She’s in her 20s now. I don’t know if she even notices the pot any more but I want it to be a reminder to her always that some broken things can be restored with love.

Life is like that flowerpot; sometimes it doesn’t work the way we expect. It seems to be falling apart and we can’t fix it on our own. We need to turn to the One who loves us, knows us best, and knows what is best for us. He can put pieces back in place where there were no pieces and make things better than before. He can put us back together and give us a new purpose because “the Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart” (1 Samuel 16:7). His love is the greatest of all, and His glue will hold forever. Now that is truly super glue!

Have a great week and give God the glory!

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