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SNAP to end hunger, DACA, and disaster relief


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“Today the Trump administration released a budget proposal that unfairly pits the health and nutrition needs of Texas seniors, children and struggling families against our need for national defense.”

Between the Lines

Uh-h-h, would taking Texas back to the “Dark Ages,” as FeedingTexas.org accused Trump of doing, mean back to a time when Americans could feed themselves? When we didn’t have to worry about “food insecurity” for our “vulnerable neighbors?” Those dark ages before SNAP and other government subsidies produced generations of families dependent upon the government for their very existence?

The mere fact that SNAP now spends billions trying to eradicate hunger proves that it has not worked. These programs have not taught families to feed themselves, but instead, have kept them spoon-fed and dependent on government programs.

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Democratic National Committee

“DNC Chair on Leader Pelosi’s Marathon Speech Fighting for American Dreamers”

Between the Lines

While both parties continue to bandy about the fate of the Dreamers, DNC Chair Tom Perez joins Queen of Political Nancy Pelosi in their perceived “fight” for Dreamers.

In truth, the Dreamers are being used as a political football. That is unfortunate, because President Trump has offered a way out for the Dreamers if the Democrats give him something for increased border security. That’s it. It sounds like a win-win, but not according to Pelosi.

Agreeing to a bill would mean giving up the ball. It’s better to keep the fight going -- while she accuses Republicans of playing games with Dreamers’ lives.

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“Democrats stall Texas Disaster Relief, Long-Term Funding Deal”

Between the Lines

It’s more of the same game with Dreamers and DACA as the political football that is preventing budget deals from going through.

Texas Sen. John Cornyn said that the Democrats continue to use immigration to hold up other important legislation. Chief among those would be the billions of dollars in much-needed disaster relief for the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey.

“Why hold everything else hostage for this unrelated immigration issue?” Cornyn is quoted as asking.

This game produces no winners.

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“Russia to use propaganda, false personas and other tactics to influence 2018 midterm elections, top U.S. spy tells lawmakers”

Between the Lines

So after Russia was successful at hacking into the Democratic National Committee computers during our last elections, why would they not try something in the next election?

Oh, you thought the Russian collusion investigation was ongoing? Well, it is, but here’s what we know already.

Despite their efforts at hacking into our computers, everyone agrees that the Russians did not affect the final outcome of the election.

At the very least, however, they have put a chink in our armor by creating confusion and mistrust in our electoral process. To that end, they have been successful in messing with our elections, so there is no reason to think they will not continue right through the 2018 elections and into the 2020 term.

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