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Sometimes we need to be recharged


Last Sunday afternoon I just had to get outside. The wind and chill had both gone away and the sun was shining; it was just so nice it made me feel restless. I took my battery-powered leaf blower out and used it until it ran down; that was less than 30 minutes. I decided to finish what I’d started with a leaf rake. A large pile of leaves had piled up on one end of the house and I raked them out to an area where I could burn them without harming the good grass, about 20 feet away. About halfway through that process, I decided I needed to rest a few minutes and enjoyed a cup of tea while sitting on the porch. Feeling refreshed, I finished the raking and burned the pile of leaves, which were dry enough that they burned quickly. It was still too nice to go inside so I got the battery-powered weed-eater and used it until it ran down; this too was just a little less than 30 minutes. I got to thinking later that my leaf blower and weed-eater both came with two batteries; problem is I only have one charger for each of them. I should have had one charged up and ready to go if I wanted to work longer. There probably would’ve been energy to spare then.

I think at times we all let our energy supply get too low. We get so wrapped up in our fast-paced lives that we use every ounce of our power supply and don’t go back to the charger. Our Christian walk can be the same way; we use all our energy in the doing and forget to spend time with the One who keeps us charged up for our daily routine. Some days seem to require more and drain the power away quickly. The good thing is our power charger goes with us wherever our routine takes us. The only cord required is the bond of trust and faith. Daily Bible devotionals or just time spent talking to Christ is energizing and a great source of power, His, not ours. I have what is called a trickle charge hooked to our electric gate opener. I like to think of those days when I just feel like communicating with Christ over every little thing as “trickle charging.” Then there are days when something urgent comes up and I want a “power surge.” It’s good to have that reliable source of power to recharge us when we’re running low on energy.

If you’d like to start your new week recharged and energized, we’d like to invite you to visit with us at our 8:10 a.m. or 10:45 a.m. service on Sunday morning. Our Pastor has a message based on scripture from the Word of God that was written to give us direction and energy for our daily walk with Christ. On any given Sunday someone may experience a real power surge for handling trials they currently are facing. But always you will hear something which will serve as a “trickle charge” that will serve you well all through the next week. You just need to show up and let Christ take care of the plugging in. Visit our website,, for more information about our scheduled activities and special events. We are a family-oriented church and offer Bible study/Sunday School classes for every age group. Adults have several classes to choose from and we encourage you to visit around these classes to find where you feel the most comfortable. I hope your week will be electrifying. Have a great week and give God the glory!

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