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I’d like that one, Lord trading your cross


If you think you have a lot to deal with, this story, by an unknown author, could bring much-needed perspective to your trials.

A young man at the end of his rope groaned in distress as he prayed, “Lord, I can’t go on. My cross is too heavy to bear.”

“My son,” the Lord replied with compassion, “if you can’t bear its weight, come with me to the cross room. There you may exchange your cross for any other cross you choose.”

Filled with relief, the young man sighed, “Thank you, Lord.” Briskly entering the cross room, he mindlessly discarded his own cross and searched for one he’d rather carry.

He saw many other crosses, some so large the tops weren’t even visible. After winding in and out of the rows of crosses, he spotted a tiny cross leaning against the far wall. “I’d like that one, Lord,” he whispered.

And the Lord replied, “My son, that is the cross you brought in.”

When you think your cross is too great to bear, just imagine the enormity of the cross of Christ, bearing all of our sins. Why did he not try to trade in his cross for an easier way?

Richard C. Halverson wrote, “Why did Jesus Christ not remain alive and eliminate, generation by generation, all the evils which harass humanity? Simply because He was the Great Physician, and in the finest tradition of medical science, He was unwilling to remain preoccupied with the symptoms when He could destroy the disease. Jesus Christ was unwilling to settle for anything less than elimination of the cause of all evil in history.”

Dear Lord, we thank you for being the Great Physician, and we thank you for your saving grace. The weight of our crosses is nothing compared to the weight of our sins that you so graciously took upon yourself. We praise God for your sacrifice and for your glorious resurrection. Amen.

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