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It’s never too late to honor our mothers


With social networks and the Internet, people are used to getting information as it happens.

But even that is no longer good enough. Consider how news conferences are held. We want to know what the president will say before he says it. We speculate on the outcome of the game before it happens; predict who will win an election before the polls close; and want to know who will win the Oscars before they are announced.

Accordingly, most columnists would have written about Mothers Day before it happened. I prefer to savor the moment and write about things after they occur.

Mother’s Day is a beautiful holiday for beautiful mothers. It is set aside to honor our mothers and to sell merchandise but that’s a story for another time. We honor mothers, not just their physical beauty but, more importantly, the spirit that exudes an inner glow from those to whom we owe our very lives.

Someone said that life and love are the most precious gifts from God. What better way, and what better day, to celebrate those gifts than with our mothers on Mother’s Day.

Ann Jarvis is credited for the American Mother’s Day traditions. She wanted to reunite families that had been divided by the Civil War. Today Mothers are treated to greeting cards, flowers (especially carnations), and phone calls or by going out to eat or preparing a home-cooked meal.

As with most Christians, our Mother’s Day began in church. Words of inspiration honored all mothers, past and present. It is really a lovely holiday, and I was basking in the glory and the attention of the day until I read about another kind of Mother’s Day observance. It’s a non-Mother’s Day.

The post on begins: “This may seem like a bit too much to ask for, but é .”

Turlington Burns is launching a “No Mothers Day” campaign to bring attention to maternal mortality and to help folks understand just how devastating the loss of a mother can be. Remembering and memorializing our mothers even after they are gone is a beautiful thing, but Burns wants all mothers to show unity by “disappearing.” She is protesting deaths, mostly in Third World countries, from pregnancy and childbirth.

This is where I part ways with Burns, because encouraging mothers to disappear for the day accomplishes nothing. She wants mothers to make no phone calls, send no emails, and get or give no gifts, and especially to make no status updates. Burns wants to bring more attention to maternal health so that more mothers can celebrate in the years to come.

This is taking a perfectly beautiful tradition and scarring it with mixed messages. Burns’ idea is a not a “bit too much.” It is a lot too much, and I hope this never takes off. To some people, nothing is sacred not even Mother’s Day.

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