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To the cloud — what it means for La Vernia


As the La Vernia Independent School District (ISD) accelerates into the future with exciting and advanced new “cloud” and thin-client technology, some may still be wondering what this technology is all about and what it will mean for students and staff members in the district.

Director of Technology and Grants Allen Bordelon explained that he first learned about thin-client technology seven years ago at a Microsoft seminar. He began investigating web-based “cloud computing,” which builds upon the district’s thin-client technology, in 2008.

“At La Vernia Independent School District, we always look for the most efficient and cost-effective means to accomplish instructional goals,” Bordelon said.

He said upgrading the district’s computers every three years as technology advances would drain their resources. Thin-client workstations cost less than half of what a typical classroom computer costs, and they have a seven- to 10-year lifespan.

“Concentrating our technology funding on core network, server, and storage resources builds an investment, allowing us to increase our level of services, despite the ongoing growth of our district,” Bordelon said.

According to Bordelon, those who have seen or piloted the new cloud-based virtual desktop thin-client systems have been excited that the technology allows them to do anything that could be done on a traditional computer more quickly and easily and potentially from any location in the district.

The technology will soon spread to every campus in the La Vernia district, according to Bordelon. The district will continue to expand its cloud computing initiative by adding new thin-client terminals, and by converting existing traditional computers into thin clients.

“Our ultimate goal is to access all business and instructional software via a web browser, supporting anytime, anywhere learning.” Bordelon said.

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