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Overnight storms bring sound and fury, some rain

Overnight storms bring sound and fury, some rain
Overnight thunderstorms July 9-10 brought a sound and light show to the area, as thousands of lightning strikes lit up the night sky, such as this, which hit somewhere near Floresville. Diminishing rain chances continue through Saturday.

Oh, what a night!

We’re not talking about the hit song by “The Four Seasons,” but the overnight storms across Wilson County and parts of South Central Texas that thundered through the area during the overnight hours July 9-10, bringing a sound and light show along with some rain to the area.

Lightning lit up the night sky for hours, with more than 7,000 strikes recorded during the storms, according to some TV weather reports. Thunder boomed in the wake of the electrical activity.

“I sat on the porch and watched if for a long time,” said Harrell Sutherland, who lives south of La Vernia. “It was definitely interesting!”

Although Sutherland got a ringside seat to the spectacular light and sound show, he said not much rain fell near his home, recording only .35 inches, he said.

It was a different story for folks near Sutherland Springs. One unofficial report recorded 3 inches of rainfall from the storm through Tuesday morning.

The storms also downed trees south of Sutherland Springs. The Wilson County Sheriff’s Office reported just after 11 p.m. July 9 that S.H. 97 E. was closed from F.M. 1922 to the U.S. 87 junction, due to five large trees across the roadway. Paul Yura with the National Weather Service confirmed the damage was caused by straight-line winds from an outflow boundary in that area. Workers from the Texas Department of Transportation and the Floresville Electric Light & Power System worked to clear the roads.

Forecasts for the area included diminishing rain chances through Thursday, although the possibility of precipitation remains through Saturday.

The storms came as unseasonably hot weather broke across the United States. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, “The horrendous heat wave that has affected much of the central and eastern U.S. lately has now come to an end...” Temperatures in the 100s had been recorded in many places across the country. However, “A cold front slowly sinking south into the Carolinas and mid-south is bringing a return to near-normal temperatures, along with much-needed rainfall for many locations é” according to the report.

Thunderstorms, mainly developing overnight, were forecast for the south, following daytime heating and onshore flow from the Gulf of Mexico. “These storms will be capable of heavy rainfall and frequent lightning,” the report stated.

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