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Who’s watching my every move?


As I walked across the yard, I felt the eyes on me. I had learned by watching them this summer they are never very far away. I can’t hear them when they move around, still I know they are there. One morning last week I looked out my kitchen window and there under the pine trees, two of them were on the ground and another one sitting on a fence post. The owls on the ground would spread their wings as if in a hovering position and with their claws dig through the pine needles to the bare sand. I thought it rather like a lesson time as I watched the larger owl on the fence post watching them. When the larger one flew up into a nearby tree, the other two followed, choosing branches nearby but not in the same tree. I’ve developed a sort of fascination with these guys. I know where to look for them late in the day and watch them swoop around the yard different times of the day.
One day was so hot and I noticed the birdbaths had little water left. As I went out toward the hose to refill one, I looked up and there on the usual perch in a nearby tree sat, not one, but two of them.
Last evening I was on my porch talking to a friend on the phone and again saw the two of them, perched on an arbor facing a hose with a sprinkler. As I talked, I walked over to one sprinkler and turned it on, the owls sat still until I began to move toward another sprinkler and they flew ahead of me as if they knew exactly what I had in mind. When I got back to the porch, the celebration had begun. The owls were flying back and forth through the water, swooping down into the wet grass and seemed to be dining while having great fun. I was struck by how swiftly they moved, yet made no sound. I even thought God was showing off, to get my attention. If you aren’t watching you don’t know when they arrive or when they leave. I’m learning to sense their presence because they watch me.
I like to think that this is how the presence of the Lord is. I know he’s there, always, watching over me. And I think he gives us things like my experience with the owls to remind us of his presence. He knows our every move, before our brain tells our muscles to move. And he goes before us to give us direction. I don’t hear him move about, yet I sense his presence. I can’t say I’m always listening or longing to feel his presence. Like all humans, I get caught up in other things. Yet I know when I get quiet in my mind and body, I can shut my eyes and know for certain he is right there beside me. I know I don’t have to worry about who is watching me because he is there. I know who it is.
First Baptist Church would like to invite you to visit with us on Sunday mornings. This is where we learn about all the ways the Lord watches over us, and goes before us to give us direction. Visit our website for information about our worship service times and all scheduled activities as well as special events. Or call the church office at 830-253-1239 for the information you need. We have two worship services on Sunday mornings, one at 8:10 a.m., and one at 10:45 a.m. We look forward to sharing this time with you. When you feel like someone is watching you, remember to look up. Have a great week and give God the glory!

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