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St. Nick is sight for Blue's eyes

St. Nick is sight for Blue's eyes
William Friesenhahn of La Vernia plays with Bluebonnet Texas “Blue,” his blind Labrador retriever, and her “seeing-eye” companion, St. Nick. Photo by PASCALLE BIPPERT

Have you ever heard of a seeing-eye dog for a person? Of course you have. Have you ever heard of a seeing-eye dog for a dog? If not, you will now.

The La Vernia News has learned that one of our “Furred, Finned & Feathered Friends” featured in our June 28 issue is a blind dog who has her very own seeing-eye dog.

Bluebonnet Texas “Blue” Friesenhahn is a 3-year-old Labrador who lives with her devoted sidekick, St. Nick, who is also a black lab. Owner William Friesenhahn, 10, said that “Blue” was adopted as a 6-week-old puppy; at 6 months, the vet told the Friesenhahn family she would get progressively blind.

When Blue was adopted, St. Nick named for St. Nicholas was 5 years old and was very jealous of Blue, so he kept an eye on her. When Blue became totally blind by 1 year old, St. Nick did more than that he became her constant companion. He is her guide dog. St. Nick keeps Blue inside the back yard, which is fenced now except for two gates.

Two years ago during the July 4 celebration, Blue got outside and became frightened by the
fi reworks. She ran from the noises and got lost for two days. On the third day, she somehow returned home around 4:45 a.m. Perhaps St. Nick called to her and she heard him. Neither one of the dogs will say, but St. Nick is doing a great job of making sure Blue stays safely at home these days.

Blue plays with William and she is his bodyguard. The two are inseparable. They play football
with each other all the time. William used to be in the Pop Warner Grizzlies, so he calls out football plays to her. Blue stands tensed, just waiting for the magic number, “42 Hut! Hut!”

William goes running and Blue follows him and knows exactly where he is by listening to the
grass crunch under his feet. She can also feel the air when he runs by.

While I was watching them, she tackled him! He went rolling and she proudly claimed victory!
It was adorable to watch them play with such abandon.

They truly are best friends!

Williams says, “She is my buddy and my protector!”

St. Nick’s and Blue’s favorite doggy treats are H-E-B’s meat-basted doggy bone snack biscuits.
Blue knows her way to the box without St. Nick’s help, but he’s right next to her, making sure he gets one too!

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