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Analyzing Obama’s America


The documentary “2016: Obama’s America” is playing in limited theaters, and doing quite well. It explains a lot about who this man, Barack Obama, really is and how he came to think as he does.

His is not an American worldview, but, rather, a Third World perspective cast upon him by his late father who abandoned him at a very early age. His mother reinforced that worldview as she left young Obama with grandparents who closely associated with radical social activists.

In a nutshell, this was Obama’s life, as documented in his own book, Dreams From My Father. In fact, Obama’s own words from the audio version of the book are used throughout the movie.

We see how it was easy for Obama to take advantage of his position. With a black father and a white mother, he understood that his blackness, good looks, and charm could garner sympathy from ingratiating white folk.

Later, he realized that he could channel this power to win over the white vote; the black vote was a given. That, basically, is how he won the election as America’s first black president, and he continues to use his blackness to his advantage.

My husband and I didn’t come away from seeing “2016: Obama’s America” as having seen anything earth-shattering. Most of the information was already familiar to us. Honestly, I’d have to say I was a bit disappointed, not in the contents, but in the way it was presented. Perhaps I had anticipated a knock-you-up-beside-the-head effect, and, perhaps, fearing that, some liberals are afraid to see it.

They make excuses. “I’d never waste my time watching something like that.” Or, “I don’t watch fiction,” but I really think it’s something else. While some are so convinced that they could not possibly be wrong, they secretly fear this confidence might be shattered were they to see the movie.

While the immediate impact of the movie was not apparent, as events unfold, I can see the significance of its message. It is especially obvious at the Republican National Convention, now being held in Florida, where we see the direct correlation between what Dinesh D’Souza presented in the movie and these current events.

Instead of protesting, let the Republicans have their say; the Democrats will have their chance next week. Seems fair enough to me. But no. There are groups of liberal activists or anarchists or whatever you want to call them, intent on shutting down any speech with which they disagree.

Just as they tried to shut down Wall Street by physically hanging out in the pathway of those trying to make their way to work, they would rather shout down what Republicans are saying. This reminds me of an email message currently being circulated: If a Republican is a nonbeliever, he doesn’t go to church. If a Democrat is a nonbeliever, he wants any mention of God and religion silenced.

This is how Obama’s America works.

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