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Rise and Shine with Blue Ribbon Breakfast Recipes!

Rise and Shine with Blue Ribbon Breakfast Recipes!
Cream Cheese Stuffed Orange Bread

Good morning, Just A Pinch-ers! Today is going to be great day. How do I know?
Because a good breakfast leads to good times... and to cheery outlooks all around.
Starting the day off right is as easy as pie. Well, make that quiche. Flavorful and
fluffy, the perfect egg-y quiche doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, on, Barbara Miller of
Oakdale, MN has it down to a delectable science!

"I made these for friends and they absolutely raved about them," says Barbara of
her pint-sized Individual Club Quiches. "It is the most requested recipe I have when it
comes to serving something for brunch."

Nestled in a bed of deli ham, each mini quiche is baked in a muffin tin and
contains the perfect combination of a.m. flavors. Serve with a dollop of prepared
Hollandaise and a mimosa for a lovely brunch standout or as a unique party starter.
Someone else who knows a thing or two about serving up a stellar breakfast is
Michelle London, innkeeper at the charming Belle Oaks Inn in Texas. She was kind
enough to share with us the Inn's stellar recipe for Pecan Orange Bread!

"As innkeeper... this was one of the first things I was taught to make by the
owners," says Michelle. "Their 'signature' breakfast bread, it is always a huge hit with
guests and is deceptively simple!"

To get started, line a prepared Bundt pan with a layer of pecans, then top with
refrigerated biscuits stuffed with cream cheese filling, coated in butter and dipped in
sugar and orange zest! Sprinkle on a few more salty pecans for good measure then bake
until absolute perfection.

For something a little on the lighter side, you just can't go wrong with Muna
Escobar's favorite recipe for Whole Grain Pancakes! Adding whole wheat flour and oats
to griddle cakes makes them more nutritious, filling AND adds additional
fluffiness. Who would have thought it?!

"I had my reservations about using whole wheat flour," admits Honorary Kitchen
Crew member and ace taste-tester, Gail Herbest, "but these pancakes turned out
wonderfully! They have a great whole grain texture - not tough at all - and even my picky
husband liked them! I will definitely be making these again."

Hear, hear! Drizzle on some fresh maple syrup, add a pat or two of sweet cream
butter, and color yourself content.

Sure mornings always wake us up, but they also bring about the promise of a new
day... and a delicious breakfast. Embrace your inner morning self and treat the family to a little something special. Your loved ones - and your outlook - will be all the cheerier
for it.

2011 Just A Pinch Recipe Club. Used by Permission.

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