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Meet your traveling companions

Meet your traveling companions
Linda and Harry Perez will introduce readers to a host of exciting travel destinations in their new column in the La Vernia News. Read the first “Everyday Journeys” in the La Vernia News print edition!

We were high school sweethearts, married in 1964, and have lived in southeast Bexar County since 1974. We raised three wonderful children, who are all grown now with their own professional careers.

Harry’s career track was originally in the architectural field; mine was in accounting and secretarial work. Between 1973 and 2010, we owned and operated several construction companies. As our business grew, so did the need to write lengthy technical proposals to continue securing government contracts, some of which were far from San Antonio, thus necessitating extensive travel. This experience helped us in perfecting our writing skills and sharpening our attention to detail.

We have always loved to travel, beginning with camping when our children were very small. By the time our children were in high school, the traveling bug had bitten the entire family. We started documenting our travels, bringing together what we love: family, traveling, and writing. Our travels have taken us from Antarctica to Europe, from Hawaii to Africa. Wherever we travel, we look for the unique and unusual, capturing the essence of places visited.

Harry is a private pilot; he starting flying at age 12 with his dad and has been flying ever since, even incorporating it into our business. Both our oldest son and our daughter are commercial pilots, and our youngest son loves to skydive. Our extraordinary 13-year-old grandson also wants to fly someday. As for myself, I am happy in the back seat of the plane with my music and a good book. So you might say we live in the sky that is, when we are not on the ocean aboard a cruise ship, racking up 165 days at sea, so far.

We will endeavor to treat you, our readers, with exciting and unique places, some nearby and some far away, and hopefully will inspire you to make a journey of your own!

Read this week's column, "Visit Seguin for history, romance, and family fun," in the La Vernia News.

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