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Perspective determines if we see stars or mud


“Two men looked out from prison bars; one saw the mud, the other saw the stars.” Frederick Langbridge

I’ve been reminded several times today, Abba, that life is very much how we view it. I can choose to see the mud, as the one man in the poem, or I can lift my eyes and see stars.

Each moment, we can choose to see the stars your many blessings countless and surrounding us with your love and glory.

Or we can look at the same vista and see only negative our burdens, the cares of this world, the suffering, the sadness.

If we lift our eyes, there are so many blessings, too numerous to count. They far outweigh the “curses” in our lives.

But we must look up. We must want to see the blessings in our daily lives.

We must desire to see and reach for the stars, instead of miring ourselves in the mud.

O Lord, you are great indeed. There is no one like you. You fill our lives with such bounty. Forgive the times we fail to see the good. Help us lift our eyes, Abba, to the stars, to see and celebrate the wonderful blessings you pour out on us, and share these with each other, encouraging others to lift their eyes to your glory, too. Amen.

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