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Help young voters to see bigger picture


It’s regrettable that one comment made by a candidate can be taken so out of context that it sways a voter.

Republican Mitt Romney was being quoted from a speech given last spring telling young folks to “borrow from your parents.” Well, that’s not quite what he said, but that is what was being reported in the press and exploited by this administration’s campaign.

Actually, the comment was made during a rally with college students. Romney mentioned a friend who had taken out a $20,000 loan from his parents. Well, it’s clear that not many of us are in such a position to be able to borrow from our parents.

It’s also clear that, under the Barack Obama administration, not many of us are going to be able to pay even our own bills if things keep going the way they are. Gasoline prices have increased dramatically since Obama took office. Prices for health care and health insurance have skyrocketed, contrary to promises made by Obama when he ran for president the first time. Prices for all goods and services continue to rise.

Unemployment may have crept down slightly, but even that is more a figment of someone’s imagination rather than reality. Thousands of people are underemployed, as they have accepted jobs that are either part-time or temporary, just to get by. Thousands more have quit looking for jobs and, thus, are not counted as unemployed.

The question this November is, are you going to vote for the person who cares, or for the person who acts? It’s easy to say you care, but not always easy to follow through.

Seems that President Obama is full of caring words, but look at what the actions of this administration have done to you and your children and grandchildren. The debts being incurred will be passed on to future generations, with no hope of getting ahead. Of course, the spending problems are not exclusive to Democrats, but to liberals, including many Republicans. The fact is, however, that we currently are under the stranglehold of Senate Democrats, so that is what must be addressed.

How will young people benefit from government loans, if they graduate only to find it impossible to gain employment?

Look beyond campaign rhetoric. Don’t base your decision about whom to vote for on one quote being bandied about by the opposition. It may be difficult, but try to find information and ads that show a candidate’s qualifications, instead of accepting the negative ads and misinformation being put out by the opponent.

It is unfortunate that campaigns have gotten so nasty that often advertising doesn’t even attempt to convey the truth, but purposely misleads voters. How much better off would our country be, if instead of insulting or even lying about the other guy, candidates would talk about their own qualifications.

Americans, and young people especially, would benefit.

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