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Is ’stuff’ all that important?


Most will agree that the Bible is the book inspired by God and how our lives should be led by it. Also, Jesus is regarded as the Son of God and He discusses issues concerning life that many seek to emulate. If I were to ask what topic Jesus talked about most in the Bible, how would you answer? Here are the choices: Evil, Sex, Money, Prayer, Hell.

If your answer was money, then you got it right. Money is what all of us have -- some of us more than others. And with that money we buy “stuff.” What do we do with that “stuff”? Do we flaunt it? Do we complain if we feel we should have more “stuff”?

Regardless of how much stuff we accumulate, we need somewhere to keep it. So we build houses, big or little, rent storage units, even give some to agencies that are tax deductions. “Stuff” can dominate our lives.

When Jesus walked this earth, His “stuff” was very minimal. In fact, the Bible tells us He went everywhere on foot and only had the clothes on His back and the sandals on His feet.

I have always known that “stuff” is not at all important in life. People and relationships are important, not “stuff.” But we know that “stuff” can control our lives and when we pass on, it can control our loved ones’ lives. Have you ever had to dispose of another person’s “stuff”? Estate sales are often used and can revive negative feelings, even when we think they won’t. Having to face “stuff” that belonged to a loved one and deciding what to do with it can be difficult.

I guess we will continue to have “stuff” until we depart and become free of that burden. Then we truly will be free, needing nothing ... longing for nothing ... wanting for nothing. Then maybe we can become Christlike. In the meantime, we should try to use our resources to help others and make a difference here on earth, rather than adding to our pile of “stuff.” “Jesus answered: ’If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me’”(Matthew 19:21).

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