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Shumways show Christmas spirit

Shumways show Christmas spirit
Shaylon Shumway (left) and her sister, Caroline, have designed and programmed their family’s Christmas light display. The family invites everyone to drive by to enjoy their gift of lights at 471 Rose Blossom in the Rosewood subdivision off F.M. 775 near La Vernia.

The show runs on seven computers on 96 channels of power and 183 extension cords!

The Shumways have come to town and brought their Christmas spirit with them!

The family of seven recently moved to La Vernia from Riverton, Wyo., and added their special Christmas flair to their home in Rosewood.

Folks are invited to stop by the Shumway home at 471 Rose Blossom to enjoy a show with more than 15,000 lights and synchronized Christmas music, programmed and created by the Shumway family themselves!

An impressive fact about the show is that most of the programming was done by the youngsters in the family Shaylon, 14, and Caroline, 12 who one day hope to work in computer programming, like their father, Robert.

The girls spend all year working on a mathematical spreadsheet, perfecting lights, timing, sequence, music, and many other small details to make the light show run flawlessly. The show runs on seven computers on 96 channels of power and 183 extension cords!

“The girls are becoming quite the little electricians,” Robert said. “There’s a lot of troubleshooting involved.”

Shaylon plays the piano and loves music, which helps her a great deal in creating the program for the show. She hopes to one day carry on the tradition at a home of her own.

Little sister Caroline just began learning about programming and is an apprentice this year. She gets help from her sister, and their mother, Julia, who is also a programmer.

“Three women programmers ... you just don’t hear that in the world!” Robert said.

The family first got the idea to make a light show after seeing a home that ran a show in New Mexico where they lived.

When the family was transferred to Wyoming for Robert’s job, they missed watching the show so much, that they decided they would make one of their own.

“Everyone talked about that house in the whole town and we wanted to be that house!” Robert said.

The whole family is involved in making the light show.

Robert, Julia, Shaylon, Caroline, and sons Scott, 10; Levi, 8; and Jack, 5, all contribute into making their holiday tradition what it is.

Julia said there were many benefits in working on the project as a family. It strengthens their bond and brings them all closer together, she said.

“And we all get excited when a car pulls up to see it!” she said.

Although the family just moved to La Vernia in October, they say they are really enjoying it and are so excited to be here.

“We feel lucky,” Robert said. “Everyone has been so kind to us and very receptive. We’ve appreciated that!”

The family also is planning to start working on a Halloween light show for next year, complete with music and giant singing pumpkins. But for now, they will sit back and enjoy the accomplishment they have created for this holiday season.

So if you’re out and about this holiday season, stop by Rosewood to admire the hard work and dedication of the Shumway family and enjoy their spectacular light show. It might just fill you with a little extra Christmas spirit this year!

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