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Not what we wanted for Christmas


A mass shooting in a school is not what we wanted to be writing about just before Christmas, but it is what it is, and we have to face the horrific reality.

In Connecticut, a madman/demented person/lost soul/evil person or whatever you call him began early Friday morning by killing his own mother. He then barnstormed, guns blazing, into an elementary school in Newtown, killing six adults and 20 little first-graders before shooting himself.

It’s a national tragedy that cannot be explained using any means of rational thought. Yet people try to explain behavior that defies all sense of reasoning and understanding: It’s the guns, the violent video games, or the media which sensationalizes it and makes the perpetrator famous.

Perhaps it’s the lack of medical care for the mentally ill or parents who don’t control their children and allow them to turn into monsters.

Is it a permissive society? As one La Vernia News reader pointed out, our president gets teary-eyed when speaking to the nation about the tragedy, but he also is one who supports abortion. Abortion is violence that rips the fetus (some call it a baby) from the womb.

This mass shooting is just more violence, perhaps not differentiated from victims of abortion. But the baby victims do not have to see their killer’s face, whereas these 6-year-olds had to stare him in the eyes.

Or, was this slaughter of little children merely an act of pure, committed evil?

Whatever it was, we may never know why it happened, especially when his mother, the person with whom he lived, is gone, and the shooter left no suicide note.

There must be answers somewhere. In the meantime, the shooter’s computers will be searched for clues, and perhaps even his medical records examined. Was he on medication? Perhaps he had a severe reaction to some medication? Or was he prescribed a medication that he was not taking? We search in vain for something that would explain the unexplainable.

We pray.

We are comforted that officials step in, but there is scant good that government can accomplish when it comes to such bizarre behavior. Murder is against the law, and it has been since Moses gave us the Ten Commandments.

More laws are not the answer.

Perhaps examining policies and procedures in schools may help. Are we not allowing children to express anger on the playground as they used to? Could they be holding feelings in until they explode?

Children used to get plenty of physical play. Now “rough stuff” on the playground is banned, lest they skin knees and parents complain. There is zero tolerance. Children cannot even draw a stick figure with a toy gun. Do kids lack a means of expressing themselves?

These are all just questions, and they should all be considered, but the only real answer for Christians is faith in Christ, especially at Christmas time. That is our hope, and our future.

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