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Just another ordinary day


It’s just another ordinary day é

And most days seem ordinary.

Just another day. That’s what the other travelers on the road thought, picking up a little speed as they neared Bethlehem, trying to get in the gates before the other footsore and weary travelers, hoping to get room in an inn.

That’s what the innkeeper thought, squeezing in the last guests and almost turning away the couple who arrived late. And what were they thinking, traveling with the young woman about to give birth? Well, they were in the stable now ...just an ordinary stable ...but at least it was shelter.

Just another ordinary day. That’s what the shepherds thought, as they moved the sheep to new pasture, fed the dogs, set up camp, and settled for the night.

An ordinary day. It’s what Herod thought, safe in his palace, enjoying the comforts his station in life brought.

It’s been just another ordinary day for most of us ...work, shopping maybe, preparing meals, paying bills, being with family or friends.

But what if it isn’t another ordinary day?

Would I change what I do or how I do it, what I say, how I think or feel, if I knew it was going to be an extraordinary day? If I knew I would meet the Messiah today?

But I will. Every day.

I meet him in the sunrise, in my family, in the commuters on the road, in my coworkers, friends in everyone and everything I encounter today, everywhere I go, in everything I do.

It’s just another ordinary day.

é or is it?

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