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A new year, a new start

A new year, a new start
Sunrise heralds a new day and the coming of a new year offers a chance to make some changes. Happy New Year from all at the La Vernia News!

It’s a new year, time to take stock and perhaps make some changes, for many folks.

Many people make resolutions to do better, be better, or different, as a year begins. Popular resolutions include losing weight, getting organized, spending less and saving more, staying fit and healthy, learning something new or exciting, quitting smoking, and spending more time with family. Maybe these are on your list for 2013 as we begin this new year.

We asked some community and business leaders to share their resolutions with La Vernia News readers. Here’s what those who responded had to say.

Wes Becknell, president of the Greater La Vernia Chamber of Commerce: “Our resolution as the Greater La Vernia Chamber of Commerce is to be a group that can help better La Vernia and the business community in every way possible.”

Loyce McCarter, La Vernia United Methodist Church columnist in this newspaper: “Let’s resolve to love the Lord each day, in every way, in every action, and rejoice in His love and to spread that message to those that He places in our path. This is a resolution not for the New Year, but for every day. Let’s rejoice in His love and spread His word.”

La Vernia Mayor Robert Gregory: “é after a busy year, with the passing of my father, being elected mayor, and the time spent doing that, my New Year resolution will be ’Making sure I make time for my family.’ I’ve heard on a couple of occasions that they know I’m busy, but my wife and daughter want me with them too! That’s a signal for sure! And, of course, lose 25 pounds!”

La Vernia City Councilman D. Bradford Beck, who also serves as president of the La Vernia Municipal Development District (MDD), would like to “Attempt to commit random acts of kindness throughout the year and be more prayerful in regard to the leaders of our country, state, county, and city.”

La Vernia MDD Executive Director Jennifer Kolbe: “Professional resolutions for 2013 I have are to expand my contacts and my network in La Vernia. As resources continue to grow, I hope to see infrastructure projects begin in the Central Business District. I would also like to learn something new about LV every day.”

Elaine M. Stephens, president of the La Vernia Historical Association and vice president of the Greater La Vernia Chamber of Commerce: “Resolutions. I always have plenty of them and they are very similar from year to year. A few of this year’s which are new on my 2013 list:

“Personal: Do a better job of remembering family and friends’ birthdays.

“Historical association: Share many more of the great stories and images from La Vernia’s history.

“Chamber: Work harder with Keep La Vernia Beautiful to reduce litter and beautify La Vernia.

“I have one more, which is on every year’s list but this year it is worded differently to keep my attention: ’Send more knee-mails.’”

It’s all about making a difference, one day at a time. Happy New Year!

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