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New year, new partnerships


A new year is upon us and 2013 looks to be a very exciting time for our community! At City Hall, the staff has been busy with the installation and training on a new operating software system, which will allow for a leaner and more efficient City Hall. The addition of this software will eliminate previously required outside services as well as streamlining work processes resulting in reductions in operation costs.

Public works is busy planning for a water isolation valve installation project, which we’ll implement during spring break. By adding these valves, should a leak occur, it will allow public works to isolate a small section of our entire system and repair the leak much quicker and be safer for our employees. We also have a needed waterline replacement project that will take place once the school year ends. We will keep you informed as to when any service outages will occur, but we will work to minimize the impact!

I’m excited to announce the partnership between the city of La Vernia, our Municipal Development District, and UTSA’s School of Architecture. The municipal district was instrumental in bringing UTSA to La Vernia and we are very grateful for UTSA adding La Vernia to its project agenda at no cost to the city! Along with our Main Street Development Strategy, UTSA will help show city leaders and developers how we can regain the look and charm of La Vernia’s past throughout our Central Business District so it can be implemented into our development plan.

Another partnership I’d like to highlight is one with Wilson County and La Vernia ISD in establishing a Crime Stoppers Program for our area.

I’m proud of our students, who have stepped up and formed their own chapter within the school system and will promote it within the high school and junior high. Teaming with these organizations is a benefit to the city and I’m looking forward to what can be accomplished as we move forward.

The stock show season is fast approaching and I want to say good luck to all the FFA and local 4-H students with all their various projects at the upcoming shows.

Hope you have great success with your New Year’s resolutions!

Robert Gregory is the mayor of La Vernia.

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