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Bears on track for strong finish

Bears on track for strong finish
Point guard Austin Pickens (3) moves the ball up court during the Bears’ Jan. 25 win over Somerset.

LA VERNIA Midway through the district season, the La Vernia Bear basketball team finds itself in a good position, sitting in second place in District 28-3A, just one game out of first.

With a district mark of 4-1, the Bears are in a good position at this point. They have been improving throughout the year, and are reaping the fruits of their labors with just five games remaining in the regular season.

The Bears split games last week, and chalked up their first district loss of the season in a game with the Sam Houston Hurricanes. The Canes came out strong in the first quarter and opened up a 24-10 lead over La Vernia, then added another 20 in the second period to take a 44-14 lead into the break.

The Bears made some adjustments and settled into the game better during the second half, but Sam Houston continued to outscore La Vernia, and eventually wrapped up a 72-35 win over the Bears.

The Bears then took their 3-1 record to Somerset to square off with the Bulldogs. Somerset had an identical district mark of 3-1, and both teams knew this game would establish a clear pecking order in the district.

The Bears came out with a 14-point first-period effort, and the Bulldogs nearly kept pace with 10 points of their own. La Vernia backed up the effort in the second period with another 14, while holding the Bulldogs to just 3 points at the other end of the floor. As the buzzer sounded the end of the first half, it was La Vernia out front, 28-13.

The Bulldogs climbed right back into things in the third period, however, outscoring La Vernia 21-15, making it a 43-34 game. The lightning pace continued into the fourth and final period of play, and La Vernia rose to the occasion scoring 21 points during the final stanza. Somerset nearly matched the effort with 19 points, but came up short, as La Vernia returned home with a 64-53 victory and sole custody of the district’s second-place standing.

The Bears were scheduled to play in Pleasanton Jan. 29, and will be in San Antonio to play Hawkins on Friday, Feb. 1.

Sam Houston def. La Vernia, 72-35.

Bears: Points: Dillon Pickens-9, Colby Sims-7, Josh Campos-5, Austin Pickens-3, Jose Sahagun-2, Dalton Dennehy-2, Matt Olson-2, Brian Klar-2, Jonathan Jupe-2, Forrest Jagge-1. District Record: 3-1. Overall Record: 13-9.

La Vernia def. Somerset, 64-53.

Bears: Points: Austin Pickens-23, Colby Sims-23, Forrest Jagge-7, Bryan Escamilla-6, Jose Sahagun-5. District Record: 4-1. Overall Record: 14-9.

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