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Cheery Cherries Add Color, Sweetness To Valentine’s Day

Cheery Cherries Add Color, Sweetness To Valentine’s Day
Cherry Smashed Cake

What’s red, fruity, and perfect for Valentine’s Day? Why, cherries of course! Strawberries may get most of the recipe love this time of year, but we’re diversifying our repertoire and filling up our Valentine dance card with some super sweet cherry stand-outs!

Slightly nutty, slightly fruity... Ann Klyza’s Cherry Chews on are always perfectly sweet. The flavors of pecans, cherries and almonds float atop a buttery crust akin to a scrumptious oatmeal cookie.

“This recipe is from my Aunt Isabelle Matchett,” says Ann of her family’s favorite cookie bars. “I have made this recipe every year for the past 25 years for my family. You’ll love it!!”

Be sure to top off your batch of Cherry Chews with Ann’s cherry-almond icing in the most darling shade of pink. As pretty as it is tasty, Cupid himself will be knocking down your door to get his sweet fix!

A bit more labor-intensive - but well worth the effort - is Jamie Beecham’s fantastic Cherry Smashed Cake. The recipe is filled with the flavors of “smashed” chocolate-covered cherries and iced with an Amaretto-infused cherry whipped cream!

“I got the idea by wanting to make something like chocolate covered cherries,” smiles Jamie. “My daughter and her work friends are always asking for something good to eat from my kitchen or calling for a cake. Knowing I was going to her hometown, I decided to get this cake made. I hope you all will like it as much as my husband did.”

Indeed, this recipe has been spreading love all across the country. Folks from all corners have been writing in to let us know how much they’ve enjoyed it. In fact, my own cousin is even using the recipe as inspiration for her daughter’s wedding cake! Yep, it’s that good.

For all the purists out there, sometimes there’s just nothing better than a real, honest to goodness chocolate covered cherry in its natural form. Well, thanks to Jennifer McConnell we’ve got a fabulous recipe for a homemade version of the candy.

“These are really wonderful!” exclaims Just A Pinch’s Gail Herbest, who pinned a Blue Ribbon on the recipe. “I [even] bought another large jar of cherries today so that I can make them again soon. I doubt there will still be any left 3-6 days from now to see them form more liquid in the center, but even with the smooth cream (which has a wonderful flavor) they are still very juicy and rich.”

Imagine the reaction you’ll get when instead of pre-packaged candy you present your sweetie with a bundle of homemade, TLC-filled, chocolate covered cherries! The love that goes into them is evident with every bite.

This season is undeniably about love in all its forms. What better way to honor your loved ones than by making them a treat with your own hands?. Homemade is not only delicious, but it’s meaningful. Whether you’re feeling like standard strawberries or looking to stir things up with a cheery shot of cherry, I encourage you to spread the love through the food you make. Feed your friends, feed your family... feed your soul.

2011 Just A Pinch Recipe Club. Used by Permission.

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