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No more Social Security checks


By John Michaelson

Texas News Service

AUSTIN A big change is on the way for those Texans who still receive paper checks for their Social Security benefits.

Maribeth Farringer, an advocate for seniors, said that as of March 1, all federal payments will be made electronically.

In Texas, more than 284,000 people still receive their monthly Social Security and SSI payments via paper checks.

According to Farringer, the options for setting up electronic payments are:

¢Visit GoDirect.org

¢Visit a Social Security office to arrange deposits into a checking account at a bank or credit union.

¢Call the Treasury Department, 1-800-333-1795.

Recipients can choose to have benefits deposited directly into a bank account or can receive them on a Direct Express Debit MasterCard. Farringer said there are some concerns with the debit card method, including the fear that some may think it’s a credit card solicitation and just throw it away.

“Another concern with the debit card, making us think this is not the best option for everyone, is they will only be allowed four transactions without a fee,” she warned. “After that, there will be a small fee for each additional transaction within a month.”

There is also a fee if the card is lost and needs to be replaced.

The change to all-electronic payments is expected to save the government $1 billion over the next 10 years. It’s also expected to help cut down on theft of benefit checks.

For more information, visit GoDirect.org.

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