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Congress could change, even if the president will not


Americans are hoping the economy will improve, but fixing the economy does not appear to be on the president’s agenda.

Rather, this administration continues to punish Americans through higher energy costs, while keeping them dependent on foreign oil. Even as the price of gasoline continues to rise, the president vows to stop the Keystone Pipeline, which would bring oil down from Canada and provide welcome relief at the gas pumps.

It does not appear that energy independence is the goal of this administration. We can expect more “green energy” subsidies for Obama’s buddies while he denigrates “big oil.” The truth will come out when the president finally makes his decision about the Keystone Pipeline.

But things will not change as long as Congress and the administration keep doing the same thing: Spending money and buying votes. Neither the economy, nor the price of gasoline will improve until someone does something, and it will not be President Obama.

If he does not allow the Keystone Pipeline, even though the price of gasoline is at or close to an all-time high, and unemployment hovers right at 8 percent, we will know his answer. Still, Americans continue to hope for more jobs, less expensive fuel, and a better economy, but Obama knows what he is doing: Slowly and systematically, the American economy is being stifled. He prints money enough to boost the stock market, but this will not last.

The president wants people to pay their “fair share” but he means only certain rich folks. He ignores the fact that almost half the population pays no income tax at all. With the media’s compliance, the president continues to foment class envy, even as he hobnobs with mega-rich Hollywood types.

The ultra-rich, such as Warren Buffett and other liberals, stick together. Buffett is the business magnate who supports taxing the rich, even as his company continues a dispute with the government over paying its own taxes. Now that Buffett has “arrived,” he campaigns for higher tax rates for the rich, but he didn’t pay them while making his fortune. Even now, he seeks every tax loophole and fights for other continued tax breaks.

No. The president will not move from his class warfare rhetoric about big oil and the rich paying their fair share, but there is one member of Congress who is changing things. He is leading the way by his actions and inviting others to join him.

In something unheard of in Congress, Sen. Rand Paul returned $500,000 to the treasury, and said he hoped other members of Congress would follow his cost-cutting lead. This is the second year for this unprecedented move by this same member of Congress.

There are no headlines on this, of course, but Rand Paul challenges others, all the way from local government officials to Congress, to study their own budgets and eliminate unnecessary expenses.

We should not look to the president for change. It must come from us.

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