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The rich young ruler and modern man


As we read the story of the rich young ruler in the Bible I am reminded of modern man. Many of us go to church, keep the commandments, are pretty well off financially and are not concerned about our eternal life. The Bible tells us that this young ruler ran to Jesus. To him, eternal life was very important and he wanted to make sure he was doing everything just right.

Today, we are not as concerned as this young man was. We attend church, do good deeds, follow the commandments, live a moral life and we think this is all it takes to have eternal life. Well we are wrong. First of all, we must come to Jesus as the young ruler did. We must ask Him to forgive us of our sins. The Bible does not tell us whether the young man asked Jesus into his heart but it does tell us he was more concerned with fulfilling all the requirements and doing everything just right instead of recognizing Jesus as Lord of his life. Even though he was a moral person, he knew something was missing but he never expected Jesus to tell him to sell everything.

What would we do if we had to sell everything and do without all the comforts of life? Perhaps Jesus wanted to know who the lord of the young ruler’s life was. Was it God or was it money? God does not expect us to give up everything but He does expect us to not have other gods before Him. If we were to give up everything, we could rest assured that God would bless us back many times over the amount we gave.

Money and the comforts of life are hard to give up and people sometimes choose this rather than Jesus. That is why Jesus said it would be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Many times we think we are right with God but we aren’t. We may have everything and be spiritually bankrupt and poor in faith.

The young ruler thought the answer would be simple but it was more than he expected so he walked away mourning. Did he mourn because he did not want to give everything up or did he mourn because he was convicted of his sin? The Bible does not tell us any more about this young ruler but we know that he had a decision to make. His decision would determine who his god really was and whether he would inherit eternal life.

If we were the young ruler, what choice would we make? Are we prepared to commit our whole life to Jesus and let Him lead us or will we turn away mourning because we chose to serve the god of this world? Instead of being a rich person we can be a wise person if we choose to follow Him knowing that God will supply our needs.

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