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What is La Vernia? — Branding contest deadline April 28


Every community has a culture and an identity, and more often than not, it’s hard to express that identity with words. So what is La Vernia’s identity?

Many who have driven through and/or heard of our town, may have asked themselves that exact question. For us folks that live here, we know it’s a close community, derived from many generations of family and friends. The people here are nice, always polite and caring. Grandpa McBee once said he liked driving through town because “Everyone waves at everyone, if you know ’em or not.”

La Vernia isn’t just that small town anymore, though. Although we still have that small-town feeling of friends and family, we’ve grown a lot. We have multiple red lights, franchised restaurants, and a H-E-B many of the modern conveniences of a big town right here in our comfortable little community.

Often when a community, town, or even a business has growth, it has both welcome and unwelcome feelings discussed amongst people associated. A community culture, brand, or tag line should be based on what is good and positive, keeping the not-so-good and often false or untruths out. The good must overwhelm the bad to create positive thoughts and feelings.

So the Central Business Committee, part of the La Vernia Municipal Development District (MDD), has decided to have a contest to set a positive tone for La Vernia. The Central Business Committee would like to brand the town with a positive, business-friendly message that creates affirmative feelings and an optimistic culture the entire community can thrive from; a slogan of good and great. Take, for instance, the little town of Ballinger, which has branded itself as “The greatest little town in Texas,” or Fair Oaks, which uses the moniker, “Where community spirit overflows.” San Marcos says “We’d love your company.”

Now it’s your turn to brand La Vernia.

We invite you to participate in creating a tag line for La Vernia. What does this quiet little town remind you of? Bluebonnets, the Bears, Old South meets Wild West? How do you describe it to your friends and family who have never been here? The Central Business District Branding Committee will collect suggestions and narrow it down to the top five.

Send your entry to The cut off for entries is midnight, Sunday, April 28. Tag lines will be judged on appeal, uniqueness, and believability and can be based on the community history or aspiration.

The Branding Committee will review all entries by Wednesday, May 8. A final announcement will be Saturday, May 18, during the 35th annual Bluebonnet Fest. The contest winner will be invited to ride on the float during the parade, receive a T-shirt and plaque for participating.

For more information, contact Ashley Ritchey at 830-779-2371.

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