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Dying with Christ


I am not sure I could die for Jesus. I guess I like life too much to be able to say, inequitably, I would. As a human being, caught up in this world and its values, I am not sure I could. Besides, He does not need me to die for Him, because He was lifted up on that tree for me and everyone else, for that matter.

But it is possible and very likely I could die with Him. Let me try to explain.

Actually, I try to live with Him daily. It is hard for me to visualize how I could abandon Him if He was threatened as I walked with Him. I talk with reservation because of the very words of Peter in Mark 14:29: “I would never deny Christ.” And in the next verse Jesus replies: “You will deny me three times before the cock crows.” In Mark 14:37, He returns from the Garden of Gethsemane to find “Simon,” actually Peter, sleeping instead of being awake for the meager one hour He prayed.

This may sound like “splitting hairs,” and maybe it is but I know that I cannot humanly live for God. I can live for my wife, my family, etc., and I take responsibility for that, but I am not worthy to live for God. I can only live with Him, by His Grace, which forgives, heals, and leads me on this pathway of life. In fact, I really can’t live any other way except to follow as best I can at the time to let Him lead and be in charge.

So if threatened with death on behalf of Jesus I would probably pass. But if I am to die with Jesus at my side, that would be a way to go. What is your take on dying?

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