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How about some common sense?


Headline from

“The big difference between Marco Rubio and Rand Paul

“é About an hour after Paul delivered a wonky address to the Faith and Freedom Conference, arguing against sending money to conflict-ridden nations like Egypt and Syria, Rubio took to the same podium to argue that the United States remains the one country uniquely able to provide a guiding hand for the world.”

Between the Lines

This points to a difference between the two political parties. The Democrats speak in unison, while the Republicans are individuals who speak their own minds, albeit with good intentions. Paul would limit most of our foreign involvements while Rubio feels an obligation to try to help foreign countries.

The Republicans want to do what they think is right for the country. And so it is with immigration, foreign affairs, abortion, and on down the line. It is difficult for a diversified party to win against one that focuses on control at all costs.

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“FBI Director Can’t Answer Basic Questions on IRS Investigation

“Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) on Thursday grilled a seemingly uninformed FBI Director Robert Mueller on the IRS scandal.

“Mueller was unable to answer basic questions. é

“’Can you tell me who the lead investigator is,’ Jordan pressed.

“’Off the top of my head, no’ the FBI chief replied. é”

Between the Lines

In one of the most high-profiled investigations, the head of the FBI is remote and clueless. That should be no surprise; he fits right in with the rest of them.

Remember Hillary Clinton during the Benghazi hearings with her famous “I don’t recall.” Or Attorney General Eric Holder who knew nothing about the gun smuggling into Mexico through Fast and Furious. And the president himself remains aloof and unconcerned.

They are like the three monkeys: “No hear, no see, no speak,” and it has been an effective strategy for them. They have it down to an art. They either don’t know, didn’t ask, haven’t been informed, or just don’t care.

Headline from

“My mom, Dawn Hochsprung, was the principal at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Six months ago today, she was shot and killed in her school, along with five of her coworkers and 20 of her students. é

“My mom é lunged at him in an effort to protect the school she loved. I miss her every second of every day. I’m getting married in just a few weeks é [and] because a dangerous man got his hands on a gun, my mom won’t be there to see it.”

Between the Lines

Contrary to the writer’s emotional plea and her assertion that guns kill people, we know that people kill people. In order to stop bad people with guns, you need good people, such as the police. Unfortunately, police cannot be everywhere. If only this loving mother had been armed when she lunged at the killer, she might have had a fighting chance.

Instead of using emotions to guide our decisions, let’s try a bit of common sense.

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