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Looking ahead with dread


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“Obama: ’I’ve Got a Little Over 1,200 Days Left in Office’

“Barack Obama knows how much time he has left as president of the United States. é

“é I am going to spend every waking minute of every one of those days thinking about and then acting upon any good ideas out there that are going to help ordinary Americans succeed, that are going to make sure that the next generation believes in the American Dream because they’ve seen it in their own lives.”

Between the Lines

Heaven help us as we must endure the next 1,200 days with this train wreck of an administration. Obama made those remarks at an Organizing for Action event in Washington D.C.

What is Organizing for Action, you may ask? It began as Obama’s reelection campaign known as Organizing for America, and morphed into Organizing for Action, to help advance his aggressive agenda.

Oh! Did I mention that Organizing for Action (OFA) is a nonprofit organization? Its status was approved earlier this year during the time that Tea Party organizations’ applications were held in limbo.

Mitch Stewart, a political campaign organizer, was appointed director of OFA. Jim Messina, Obama’s 2012 campaign manager, was announced as the national chairman, and Jon Carson, who left the administration to join OFA, is executive director. David Axelrod serves as a consultant.

It’s quite a slick campaign operation that America’s community organizer-in-chief has going. I continue to get dozens of messages daily from this, the longest-running campaign in history.

The president continues to make political promises, and no one holds him accountable for a single one of them. One promise he cannot keep is to spend “every waking minute of every day” fulfilling his promises. If the past is any indication of the next 1,200 days, he’ll be playing golf or on a family vacation for major portions of his waking hours.

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“EPA Files Consent Decree with SAWS in Federal Court

“é the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that it has filed a settlement agreement, or Consent Decree, with SAWS in federal court. The Consent Decree will involve an additional $492 million investment in infrastructure and maintenance of the city’s sewer infrastructure.

“San Antonio is the latest city to reach agreement with the EPA, which has lodged similar agreements with more than 35 other municipal and county-owned sewer utilities. é .”

Between the Lines

Watch for what’s coming down the pike as the shakedown by bureaucratic agencies continues. Apparently SAWS’ own efforts at environmental protection were not good enough for the EPA, despite the fact that SAWS has been 99.99 percent effective in containing wastewater.

In an effort to avoid costly federal litigation, SAWS agreed to the $492 million “investment,” that is in addition to what was budgeted for this effort over the next 10 years. SAWS also must pay a penalty of $2.6 million.

Clarification: Yes, SAWS will get the bill; ratepayers will have to pay the fine and the continued investment.

We all want clean air and clean water, but when the EPA keeps moving the goal line, it gets expensive.

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