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Laboring toward middle class


Headline from CD Publications

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“Now in its 22nd edition, the Government Assitance Almanac 2013 is your one-stop place for information on all federal domestic assistance programs. These programs represent over $3 trillion worth of federal assistance earmarked for distribution to consumers, children, parents, veterans, senior citizens, students, businesses, civic groups, state and local agencies, and others.”

Between the Lines

Now that is a pretty expansive list of those who can get “their share” of our hard-earned money. There are at least 126 separate federal assistance programs such as WIC, SNAP, AFDC, TANF, and FMAC, ready to “help” people.

In fact, they provide so much help that people may have little incentive to find work. A Cato Institute study just released shows that a mother with two children can receive benefits in New York worth $38,004. That is almost $20 an hour, and she doesn’t have to pay for child care or transportation to and from work.

This is not by any means to imply that government aid programs do not help people. They do, but based on this formula, government welfare actually seems to provide a disincentive for working.

Headline from

“Obama says newspaper era over.

“President Barack Obama has acknowledged the problems facing the U.S. newspaper industry, é .

“With the Internet dominant, and print sales in decline, Obama said traditional media was grappling with a new reality and, much like the manufacturing and retail sectors, the old way of doing business was gone forever.

“People trying to get into the middle class are having a tougher and tougher time,” Obama said.

Between the Lines

Obama has spoken. Again.

He continues to try, unsuccessfully, to “create” jobs, without understanding that the federal government does not create jobs; it only redistributes money, taking from one taxpayer and giving to another. He struggles to understand the American economy. This is not a good sign, but the president should take heart.

A recent U. S. Department of Labor report has determined that construction jobs are é get this é good! An advisor with the Department of Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) explains this phenomenon a phenomenon that the president and other elites fail to understand.

Work (labor) is good! It is good for one’s mental, physical, and economic health. Therefore, it would be good if those opposing the Keystone XL pipeline realized the value of labor. It is anticipated that construction of the pipeline would bring 5,000-6,000 “well-paying” construction jobs.

Here’s a quote from the government report: “Construction jobs often represent a means of entry into the American middle class. Data from the BLS show that construction is a comparatively well-paying field.”

And all this time, the BLS (as opposed to the “BS,” I suppose?), thought that the only well-paying jobs were with the federal government. All they would have had to do is look at Texas and particularly in the Eagle Ford shale production area of south central Texas.

They would find thousands of hardworking enthusiastic laborers making “comparatively good” salaries. They are well on their way toward being middle class much to the White House’s chagrin.

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