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Police: Beware counterfeit bills

Police: Beware counterfeit bills
Pick up your free pen at La Vernia News

By Ashley Davenport

Community members and merchants should remain vigilant for counterfeit bills circulating in the area.

The counterfeit bills, which include fake $1, $5, and $20 bills, have been used at the H-E-B supermarket, La Vernia Mini Mart, and Sonic Drive-In restaurant.

Sgt. Danny Pitts of the La Vernia Police Department said merchants and consumers should be careful when handling money.

Pam Rackler said her son encountered one such bill.

Rackler’s son is a carhop at the La Vernia Sonic. He received a counterfeit bill on Aug. 21 during his shift, she said.

The young man served a car with two male customers. Upon receiving the $20 bill and giving change, he returned inside to check the bill with a counterfeit detection marker.

Rackler said her son immediately reported the counterfeit $20 to his supervisor, who proceeded to call the police.

Patrick Lenow, a spokesperson for Sonic corporate, said each individually owned franchise creates its own policies regarding counterfeit bills. The La Vernia store requires carhops to inspect bills upon receipt, he said.

Rackler cautions others to learn from her son’s mistake.

“He learned his lesson and won’t make that mistake again,” she said, adding that he now carries his own counterfeit detection pen. “He is just 16; he didn’t know anything about counterfeits.”

The La Vernia Police Department continues its investigation. Anyone receiving counterfeit notes should contact the police at 830-779-4541.

La Vernia businesses and merchants can obtain free counterfeit detection pens, courtesy of the Greater La Vernia Chamber of Commerce and the La Vernia News, at its office at 112 E. Chihuahua St.

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