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Family seeks help in recovering lost pet

Family seeks help in recovering lost pet
Cookie, a 10-year-old corgi/sheltie mix, went missing Aug. 16 near Stockdale. Call 830-947-4446 or 210-380-3305 with information or sightings.

By Ashley Davenport

STOCKDALE Cookie, a corgi/sheltie mix, joined the loving home of Deana Phillips and her husband, Tom Gilman, 10 years ago.

Unfortunately, Cookie has been missing since the night of Aug. 16, when she escaped from their back yard. Gilman and Phillips were both working outside their Stockdale home when shots were fired nearby, scaring Cookie, who ran through the open gate.

Phillips said Cookie has always been a shy and scared pup, but can brighten anyone’s day.

The skittish, yet happy dog was welcomed to the family almost two months after the family adopted her mom, Libby, more than 10 years ago.

Several weeks later, Libby gave birth to a litter of pups. Phillips said they knew right away that Cookie was special and they were keeping her.

“This home, our home, would be the best place for her,” Phillips said, with tears in her voice. “We knew she would have some health problems.”

Cookie has a severe overbite, is prone to seizures, and has several other health problems. Phillips said it took a lot of effort to get her to a healthy lifestyle, which was maintained until Cookie went missing.

Since Cookie’s departure, Phillips has been determined to find her lost family member.

“I don’t have any children of my own, so she is like my girl,” Phillips said.

With help from members of the community, Phillips and Andrea Best, a neighbor and volunteer with Las Lomas K9 Rescue and Adoption, created and distributed flyers and signs around the area. A few volunteers have gone door-to-door, asking if anyone has information about Cookie.

Best, who has been helping with the search every day since the dog went missing, said she helps because it is a way to support Phillips and her family.

“Cookie is a puppy from one of the first dogs I rescued,” Best said. “I miss her quirkiness and how happy she made Deana.”

Kim Miller, founder of the Las Lomas K9 Rescue and Adoption, also has helped search for Cookie. For more than a week now, Miller has searched and posted on every relevant social media site, to increase visibility.

Miller said Phillips is using every resource available, including reaching out to a psychic, for help locating her lost pet. Phillips also has placed quarter-page ads in Wilson County News and La Vernia News, seeking her beloved pet’s return.

The search for Cookie continued Aug. 24 with nine people gathering at Cowboy Fellowship of Wilson County, south of La Vernia. Volunteers handed out more than 200 flyers, Phillips said. According to some posts on Facebook, Cookie has been seen several times. As of press time Aug. 27, she remained missing, however.

Phillips asked that if someone finds Cookie, do not try to capture her, since she is skittish. Instead, call Phillips immediately.

The family is offering a substantial reward for Cookie’s return dependent upon the individual’s circumstances.

She cautions other animal parents to be careful. If it can happen to her, it can happen to anyone, she said.

If you have any information regarding Cookie, call 210-380-3305 or 830-947-4446.

Help find Cookie
¢Female corgi/sheltie mix
¢Small, brown and black with white markings on paws and face
¢Last seen Aug. 16 in Stockdale near U.S. 87/S.H. 97 intersection
¢Call 830-947-4446 or 210-380-3305 with information.

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