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Alphabet indigestion


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“Insight: Poll shows healthy young adults may keep Obamacare afloat

“Korey Kormick, 29, has not had health insurance for at least a decade. His job, as a contract employee directing chess tournaments and coaching kids in the fundamentals of the game, doesn’t offer it, and he hasn’t been able to afford coverage on the individual market. é”

Between the Lines

The deadline to apply for insurance under Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act) is approaching, and speculation continues about whether it can be financially viable. A key factor in making Obamacare successful is getting healthy young people to enroll, because their premiums are needed to offset those of the seriously or chronically ill who are expected to jump at the chance to get insurance.

A big issue still is getting a young and healthy person to spend money on insurance many feel they don’t need. Of course, an annual fine will help convince them, as will generous government subsidies based on their income.

A new Reuters/Ipsos poll shows that young people may be more willing to buy insurance than previously thought. Everyone interviewed for this story was young and healthy; however, they had recently had some sort of accident or serious illness that would have led them in the direction of wanting to get insurance.

The young and still-healthy are going to be hard to convince, just as the entire Obamacare package has been a hard sell and with good reason.

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San Antonio Express-News

“Raises mark Bexar Budget

“Bexar County Commissioners on Thursday are slated to approve the upcoming fiscal year’s budget, which gives raises of at least 3 percent to all county employees but elected officials, who are set to receive a 2 percent pay bump. é”

Between the Lines

While Bexar County’s budget is anything but “bare,” they are at least more on target with raises for county employees than is Wilson County. At a time when Wilson County is faced with having to borrow money to repair a courthouse in disrepair, expand a library, and renovate other county facilities, they are giving themselves another raise.

Wilson County Commissioners approved a 5 percent across-the-board pay raise for all county employees, including all elected officials. There was no attempt to justify the raise, other than “ We can do it, so why not?”

As long as voters continue to go along to get along, nothing will change. It is the same mentality that governs Washington and we all know what a mess we have in Washington.

If we want to see improvement, it must start with our local entities. It is up to voters to demand change.

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USDA press release

“é there are some 13,000 centers in Texas that serve free or reduced-priced meals through CACFP.”

Between the Lines

There is no reason for anyone to go hungry in America. These other food and nutrition programs are also listed on the USDA Web site: CSFP, WIC, FDPIR, TEFAP, FFVP, NSLP, SBP, SMP, SFSP, SNAP, FMNP, and SFMNP.

And these are all part of your “Farm Bill.” This is enough to give taxpayers indigestion.

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