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The many thoughts of ’inner peace’


How do you define “inner peace”? How do you seek “inner peace”? I recently sent an email to a group of Christian friends asking them those questions and I want to share the answers I received.

Ken, a retired minister, wrote: “My first thought that came to me about inner peace was this promise from Jesus, ’I am with you always to the end of the age.’ This gives me a sense of inner peace because I know that wherever I am and whatever is happening in my life, Jesus is with me.”

Isn’t that beautiful? God is with us! Because of that we can have inner peace.

Anne, an author, writes the following about inner peace: “We have a choice, we can either dwell on the problems in our lives or we can look to our Heavenly Father and rejoice. We can spend a lot of time in thinking about the problems that come into our lives on a daily basis, or we can look to our Lord and Savior, in thanksgiving, and have an inner peace. We want to always share that inner peace with others. Sometimes our friends or family are suffering with illnesses, with problems of a job, with many other difficulties, but we need to always look to the touch of our Heavenly Father in their lives and rejoice with them. We need to look for the inner peace in every action. Praise His name for the inner peace that He provides to each of us.”

Let’s always dwell on the blessings, not upon the problems.

From Mike we have the following words: “I think for me inner peace came with age! Often I still get worried about someone or something and find myself uptight, stomach hurting, the whole bit! After a little while I remind myself that God has taken care of me for almost 72 years and He always will and He will take care of the person or problem I’m worried about é that is my idea of inner peace.”

Yes, we have been blessed by our Loving Father and in times of distress, we are reminded of His presence and His love.

And from Pat, a writer and a retired first-grade teacher, she says the following: “My husband and I have lost a precious daughter to colorectal cancer. She left a loving husband and three wonderful daughters ages 11, 12, and 15. The emotion that you feel over a loss is strong and sometimes comes without warning. And yet, I know the powerful presence of peace that is inexplicable. I have been reminded over and over of the childhood song that begins, ’I have the joy, joy, joy, joy, down in my heart.’ I used to love to sing this lustily in church. Then we would sing the second verse, ’I have the peace that passes understanding, down in my heart.’ At an early age I had no idea what that meant. I do now.

“There is a peace that only God can give in time of sorrow. My prayer for others is that they will know that peace that comes from knowing the ’Prince of Peace.’”

This comes to us from someone that has suffered one of the worst things possible, the loss of a child, and it might take time to realize the inner peace that comes from our Savior, but still it is important that we look always to our Heavenly Father and rejoice in the inner peace that comes only from Him.

Let’s share the inner peace with others, in our testimony, in our example, and in our sharing of the Gospel with others.

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