Firefighting lesson
Bryce Frazier gets a little help to control a fire hose Feb. 10, during the District 1 Fire/Rescue pancake breakfast and open house. More Featured Photos »
Kora was a contestant in last year‘s Pet Parade Contest.
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Zoe takes first steps post-recovery at school

Zoe takes first steps post-recovery at school

La Vernia Primary School first-grader Zoe Zavala has been making great strides in her recovery, after she sustained wounds in the Nov. 5, 2017, shooting at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs. So much so that during a recent visit to her classroom, she surprised her teacher, Casey Pietka, and her classmates by taking her very first steps since being released from the hospital! Full Story »

Stepping outside your comfort zone

Stepping outside your comfort zone

Joey Wootan is unlikely to tell you at first meeting about his experience as a first-time actor and author. But that’s what he is. Full Story »

Prayer is not enough

So it has happened again. We knew it would. We knew there would eventually be another shooting. But, this time, we can honestly say we know how it feels. We know what it is like to have someone we know, someone we’ve met, a friend, a co-worker, a classmate, or even one of our own relatives killed in an act of mass violence. And we know what it is like to suddenly have the world’s attention with press and politicians from all over the world flooding in, adding to the chaos of the situation, and giving us little time for us to grieve in our own way. We know what it is like to have opportunists grab the spotlight and give us their expert opinion on some pet issue at the expense of the people around us, whose names, faces, and suffering we really know. Full Story »

Bears finish third in district, enter playoffs

Bears finish third in district, enter playoffs

The La Vernia basketball team took on the undefeated Wimberley Texans at home Feb. 13 for both teams’ final game of the regular season. The Bears lost, 86-62, finishing third in their district. Full Story »

Russians, college, guns, and " no Easter???

Headline from Full Story »

Y’all pray for me, ya heah

Day 2, Held Hostage. Full Story »

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