Let me just say, ‘Let’s be united!’

Maybe everything at your casa is bien. Nothing is stressful, nothing pulling you slowly into the depth of infierno. Well, let me just say on behalf of those of us who live in the real world, wake up!

Lately, some issues have me “a-musing” a little extra, along with some serious asking Almighty God for serious help. If you’re like me, it just seems that particular issues are completely out of control.

Now, every home has a moment or two, or maybe a couple of hours, or prolonged seasons — when insanity has invaded and you wonder if it will ever become sane again.

Remember when you were sure … so sure this one was your “soul mate,” but now it seems they’re about to cost you your soul and everything you make?

What about your children? Oh, that wonderful, joyful emotion, knowing you had a new life arriving? Your heart soared with excitement.  So, how long did it take before you wondered what happened to your energy, joy, and sanity? Maybe you have teenagers, and you can testify that you know exactly where insanity comes from!

Well, our collective casa-ranchero-hacienda-homeland seems to be like living in a nuthouse, and the nuts are running the place! (Anybody else feeling like we’re slipping into Venezuela with sky-high fuel prices, soaring food prices, and shortages at the grocery stores — and you can bet your Tesla, some Irish Texan named Robert still wants to take our personal guns and ammo.)

OK, here is a Grimm perspective to consider: You and me — we are going to make it. I don’t know how or when it’s going to get back to sanity. Yet, as long as you and me — we — do not give up and stay mature-thinking in the midst of this current moment or season, we’re going to continue to have a place we’re proud to call our home.

Yeah, I miss a mean tweet or two, and I’d sure like to see that promised “change we can believe in.” But how about you and me — we — stop letting them divide us and become united again?  Trust me: Nothing can take us down when we work together!

  Warning: These musings may be serious or may be humorous. Enjoy! H.R. Grimm is a self-described lovable, prone to blunt, witty, tending toward sarcastic, saved-by-grace, constantly thinking storyteller. Grimm, a military veteran, and his wife now call La Vernia home. Email reader@lavernianews.com.