Musing on how the war began

What’s that you say?

The war began on a day much like any other day. We were all busy going about our daily lives. Each of us had responsibilities that kept us preoccupied, but we ourselves did have plans to purposefully make time for a relaxed supper, and just reconnect.

As our time drew closer, we were being open, transparent, allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, when she asked an innocent-sounding request. At this point, I was already dressed and prepared to go, sitting in the living room, watching my life slowly passing as my stomach growled. She appeared and immediately tried to get me to bite into some type of unseen forbidden fruit. She presented it to me, and without thinking, I took it hook, line, and sinker!

She unashamedly asked, “Honey, what do you think of this outfit?”

If I recall, within me there was a slight inner echoing of Colonel Jessup, who was screaming, “You can’t handle the truth!” Yet, she had me relaxedly nibbling out of her hand, as I also heard “Confession is good for the soul.”

I failed to grasp the long-lasting effects of one poor decision resulting in the evening wilting. It was obvious that she could neither handle the truth nor accept what was my honest opinion. Hence, this was another time when living the dream of sustained existence in our Garden of Eden ended abruptly.

Of course, we all know that communicating clearly to each other is very important. It takes time and effort to hone this skill. Yet, for some reason, something within her compelled her to state — and I quote here — “Don’t look at me like you think I’m stupid!”

Sadly, try as I may, there welled up within me my inner child, who possesses that rebellious, mischievous trait from Adam’s fall. I failed to control him as he blurted out, “Well, what other way would you expect?”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how the war began!

Warning: These musings may be serious or may be humorous. Enjoy! H.R. Grimm is a self-described lovable, prone to blunt, witty, tending toward sarcastic, saved-by-grace, constantly thinking storyteller. Grimm, a military veteran, and his wife now call La Vernia home. Email